Thursday, 18 October 2007

Wur Aakward Kin

Tha Ullans leid can bae used tae tell stories an gie accoonts frae days o yore but it can bae used tae gie an opinion on current issues an fowk forbye. Tha Toon Rhymer haes used it here tae tell iz aa aboot an oul aunt he had who, bae aa accoonts, wisnae aisy wrocht wie!

Mae Contrary Aunt
She leeved tae bae a year ower ninety,
An in aa them years she niver yinst spake
Withoot complainin o an ailment ir a seekness
A fever, an infection ir an ache!
She read a wee bit ivery day in hur life
It was aye tha death notices she read;
An if she seen a name she recognised,
Ye'd near hae thocht she wus gled!
Hur will was read yesterday moarnin -
She left aa she had tae hur doag an hur cat
An left wurd that she'd left iz naethin ava
An that naw yin o iz was worth even that!

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