Sunday, 21 October 2007

Tha Wather Forecaster

Yin thing we aa seem tae taak aboot whin we meet ither fowk is tha wather. A'm sure ye hae done it! Ye meet some yin comin alang tha street an tha furst thig ye say is "That's a quare day" ir "Luks lake it cud rain". Tha Toon Rhymer knows a boadie lake that but as ye wull see here, tha boadie he knows isnae lakely tae git a job wie tha Met office!

Tha Forecaster
If there's yin boadie A'll niver forget
It'll bae wee Barney frae doon wur street
Fer nae metter whit tha wather is lake
He'll mak a forecast each time we meet.
It's aye optimistic an it's aye upbeat
It wudnae metter if it wus lashin aa day
Barney wud aye see tha bricht side
An wud aye hae somethin heartenin tae say.
In a thunnerstorm if iver ye meet him
He'll say"A think it's gan tae clear"
An if lichtnin wus strikin in angry forks
He'll aye smile an say "Och niver fear".
If hail tha size o golf balls faa
An lee ye wie throbbin ears
He'll say "Sure this wather wull bae changin
Afore ye know it tha Spring wull bae here".
Whin sna is faain an pilin in drifts,
He'll come by wie his weltons oan
He'll say "A think tha thaw is comin
An sure aa this sna wull bae gone".
Yin mair thing A'll aye mind aboot his predictions
Nae metter whur A leeve ir fer hoo lang
Is that ivery forecast he iver gien me
Wus almaist aaways sure tae bae wrang!

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