Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Let's naw forgyet wur deid

This wee rhyme wus screeved bae tha Toon Rhymer efter he had read an accoont o a weefla that shaped tae rin awa frae tha monotony o life at hame bae joinin tha army tae ficht in tha Furst Worl War. He wus frae aboot Seacon, atween Ballymoney an Coulraine. He niver leeved tae see tha war's enn. God bless him an aa lake him.

Frae Drills Tae Trenches
In a ten acre fiel, unther a blisterin sin
He laboured wie a spade an tilled tha grun
A young maun daein an ouler maun's work
Twalve lang hours a day wie nae tim fer fun
He snedded ivery turnip wie a brutal slash
Angry that this wud bae his loch in life
A damp, dark cottage he had fer a hame
Consumption had tuk his wean an his wife.
An then he hear't it - Marchin feet oan tha road
He stapped tae watch his freens settin aff tae tha war
They waved an they gouled oan their wye tae tha toon
Fer enlistment an trainin; tae bae stationed afar,
So he throwed doon his spade an rin ower tha fiel
He jumped ower a gate an faa'd in at tha bak;
But a wheen o months later he lay deid in a trench
A hapless young victim o tha General's latest attack.

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