Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Bak Roon Wur Toon

Hae ye iver thocht bak tae tha wye things were years ago whur ye leeve? Bellymoney is a toon that haes changed bigly ower tha years but tha Toon Rhymer knows an oul boy who mines it richtly an shared a memory ir twa wie him aboot it.

A Danner Bak Roon Tha Oul Toon
Awa frae it aa in tha dark o mae room,
Mae mine goes bak tae mae times in tha Toon
As A watch tha peats glowin in tha grate ferninst mae
A hae tae accept that mae age is against mae
A hae nae enemies left fer A've ootleeved them aa
An freens are as scarce fer A've hardly nane left ava
So mae nichts are spent thinkin bak tae years ago
Whin A wus fitter an shairper an wisnae sae slow
Comin alang Castle Street wie Mickey Mallon as mae guide
Fer a dram in Rosie Higgins's Mickey follad mae inside
An he'd gie me tha benefit o his lay man's laws
An he'd bae up fer a challenge, nae metter tha cause
At tha enn o tha street, A'd meet Bobby Jake
An enjoy ten minutes banter o tha best Toon craic
A big hello frae John Johnston as he heads tae his shap
There's naeboady rushin; naeboady in a flap.
A wud waak up Main Street bae tha Manor Hotel
An see Jake Annerson gettin his boots aa ready tae sell
Across tha street Archie Hart wud bae sherpenin a blade
Gettin set fer a day o his butcherin trade.
A hear tha loud hollerin o Clark Duffin as weel
Gulderin an wavin an clickin his heels
Bae tha clock tha doag men are tellin their lies
Aboot breakin track records an wunnin big prizes
Big Archie Atcheson waaks by ram rod straight
Tae park his bike behint tha Diamond Bar gate
Whur half tha Toon parks their transport aa in a row
They're minded an guarded fer thruppence a go
As A head fer tha Pop In fer a warm tasty dish
A hear Henduck Wallace oot sellin his fish
"Herrin Alive", he gouls ower an ower
Tae tha fish are aa gone ir his throat turns sore!
But afore A get seated tae enjoy mae feed
A wake wie a start an see tha fire's near deid
It's bak tae reality an A'm gye sorry it's so
Fer A preferred tha Toon an it's characters as they were years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Mair power tae yer wee wheel ye boy ye! Am quare an taken wi' yer rhymin, an I canny fur the life o'me figger oot fur why I hae nae foun yer blog afore noo. Keep 'er lit sur!