Thursday, 18 October 2007

Dunseverick Castle

Although tha Tourist Boord haes done gye little tae promote it, Dunseverick Castle is yin o tha maist important historical sites in an aroon north Antrim. Aye, there's naw a big loch o it left but its worth a luk at aa tha same. The Toon Rhymer was inspired tae screeve tha fallowin rhyme in it's honour.

Dunseverick Castle
A wheen o stane wa's are aa that's left
O Dunseverick Castle the day;
But at yin tim it wus a plaice o glory
Where Fergus MacAirt had tha final say.
King an owner o aa he beheld,
A can see him staunin lukkin ower tha sea
Or gan alang tha road tae Tara
Tae ficht wars sae his ain yins cud leeve free.
Hoo can aa that glory bae gone?
Why tak tha Throne tae Scottish soil?
If it has stayed, we'd hae bin pairt o a kingdom
Instead o twa wa's at tha tip o tha Moyle.

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