Friday, 19 October 2007

Nae Hoochin Metter!

At yin time, ye cud hardly mair nor drive through a village ir a toonlan withoot seein a rake o grim faced men taakin pairt in a horse shoe contest. It deed awa fer a while but A'm gled tae see it makin a comebak, especially in the lakes o Mosside, Bendooragh & Stranocum. An mine ye, them thats at it taks it aa wile seriously! Tha Toon Rhymer tries tae bring this oot here. Ye'd think this boady wus headin tae a duel! Maybe in moanys a wye, he wus an aa!

Tha Title
Tha coontdoon tae tha hour wus bye
It wus sivin o'clock at last.
Sae A got up an A lifted mae hardware
Knowin fowk thocht mae prime wus past.
As A neared tha green, A sa tha gaitherin;
Fowk aa waitin fer tha ficht.
A swallad hard an quickened mae step
Fer this cud bae mae finest nicht.
Shinin steel glinted in tha sin,
A gien it mae aa an done fine
Aye, that wus tha nicht A throwed mae best
An tha Horseshoes Title wus mine!

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