Monday, 22 October 2007

Bae Wary O Wars

Even frae whin A wus a wean, A aye heared politicians an their kine taakin in glowin terms aboot tha sacrafice o wur young fowk in yin war ir anither. Yin thing that wus aye pointed oot tae me wus tha fact that maist o them daein tha taakin med brave an sure that their ain yins were niver oan tha front line - nir them ither! Tha Toon Rhymer sums aa that up below:

Whit War Wull Enn Aa Wars?
Tha "War Tae Enn Aa Wars" ended in nineteen echteen
An tha widas an orphans wiped tha tears frae their een.
Lloyd George toul tha country "It'll naw heppen again!"
Thar wull bae nae mair greetin, sufferin ir pain.
Twanty-yin years later, whin thon orphans wur tha age,
They wur sent aff tae France, tha oul foe tae engage.
Anither sax years o deein o a generation o wur men
Follad bae tha oul lie, "It'll naw heppen again
An then thar wus Korea whur wur boys hear't tha caa
An in thon foreign fiels wur finest did faa
An as tha widas an orphans wrung thar hauns an gret,
A politician sed gravely, "Lest we Forgyet".
But sure foarty years bak, wur ain troubles tane aff
They killed awa at their nybours an then had a laugh
As they watched their victims funerals safe in their hames
An within a fortnicht, they'd even forgot aa their names.
"We'll niver surrender!" tha politicians gouled an roared
An "We'll niver abide bae ony power sharin accord".
But sure they brocht them intae power oot o tha blue
Naw carin a whit fer tha lakes o me an you.
So tha nixt tim a war starts, tell yer sins "Stay at hame".
Fer tha politicians rants wull aye bae tha same -
They'll taak tha taak but they'll shane sell iz oot
So wait tae ther sins enlist an then let yours folla suit.

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