Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A Ficht That Went Wrang

It's aptly no as common noo (at least, no sae much taaked aboot) but at yin tim, wur country wus host tae oany number o cock fichts. Heth it wus a gye blidy pastime an cruel forbye but it didnae aye enn that road. Tha Toon Rhymer tells iz aboot yin ficht his great-granda wus at whur tha oul maun wus lucky no tae bae jailed!

Tha Cock Ficht
It wus a simmer evenin wie hardly an air
An a meetin wus takin place amang freens,
In a corner o tha moss awa up bae tha Leck
As they went doon tha rodden wae a glint in ther een.
Tha screeghin o roosters bein cerried in crates
Cud bae hear't as money wus bein checked.
Fer it wisnae tae bother aboot tha cuttin o peats
That this gaitherin wus takin place at tha Leck.
Tha bets were placed an tha roosters prepared
As tha crowd gaithered roon fer tha show.
Whin oul John hear't tha caa o nature gie a goul
Sae hae set aff doon tha rodden tae go.
Staunin nearhan peats aa laid oot in rows
He hear't whistles blawin an roars in tha nicht
Hadn't tha polis landed tae bring them aa in
It had bin a gye lucky caa o nature aa richt!
Watchin his freens rinnin through heather an bracken
Bein chased bae tha lang airms o tha law
Oul John rouled up his sleeves an turned hissel aroon
An tha peats were tha furst things he saw.
So doon he got an he started tae wurk wie them
An bae tha time tha polis had his freens aa awa
John had echteen rickles set up in a row
An a score o castles built there an aa!

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