Saturday, 13 October 2007

Mae earliest memory o tha Twalth o July
Was a wairm day oot in Bushmill
We got thar early whun thar was few aboot
But in nae tim it stairted tae fill
Banners went by iz, flutterin in tha breeze,
Tha great lambegs rattled oot thar rouls
Orangemen gouled an waved at tha watchers
An maun they wur lukkin lake gye heppy souls.
Flutin bands blawed tunes A know'd
Pipers played a Highland tune
Fer a youngster o only ten year oul
A felt lake tha furst maun that stepped oan tha moon.
Last year A tuk tha road bak tae Bushmill
An seen it again as a maun
Thar were that mony fowk aboot thon place
A cud hardly sit nir stan
It wus great tae enjoy tha great day oot,
An A'll bae bak at it again nixt year
Fer it med mae proud tae waak this time
Wie tha yins A'll aye houl dear.

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