Friday, 19 October 2007

Tha Hamecomin wus nae plantin!

Am no tha only yin who haes heared tha comin hame o wur ancestors caa'd a plantation. It wus a handy wye o makin tha Ulster Scotch fowk feel lake wae dinnae belang here an haes even bin tocht in wur schules. Tha Toon Rhymer haes anither opinion o tha hale trade.

Wur Hamelan Wus Aye Ulster
They keep taakin aboot a plantation
They say wae invaded this lan
They say we're misguided Irishmen!
Wie a loyalty tae a fool Rid Haun
Revisionists, historians an ither yins
Wud mak iz feel that wae dinnae belang
But gie mae a minute tae a show ye
Hoo they cudnae bae oany mair wrang.
Wur Dalriada forefaithers leeved here
As they had done fer hunners o years
They wur persecuted but kept oan gan
Tho it cost them aa sufferin an tears.
Eventually they set sail ower tha water
(They wur caa'd Scots in their new plaice)
The wye they'd bin forced oot o Ulster
Wus naethin shoart o a disgrace.
They settled in tha Lallans
An wrocht hard in their new domain
Aaways hopin, prayin an thinkin
That they micht see oul Ulster again
Centuries later King James tuk a notion
O settin Ulster bak oan hur feet
An sae he sent tha Lallan fowk hame again
Determined this time they'd niver bae beat
Sae its naw a 'plantation', its a hamecomin
Bak tae tha plaice whur we leeved lang afore
An this time we're naw gan tae lee it
As they did in bygone days o yore.
Here's a toast tae tha Ulster Scotch!
A'm prood tae bae here tha day.
Fer whither tha rest lake it ir lump it
It's in Ulster that we're gan tae stay!!

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